Considering the Benefits of a QGV Compressor

The Quincy QGV Compressor series is one to consider when seeking effective and efficient compressed air systems with substantial cost saving potential. This particular compressor range was designed to deliver the lowest Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) among all compressors in their class.  To ensure these compressors high standards, these machines were engineered to have an airend bearing life of 100,000 hours, beating the industry standard lifespan up to three times longer. Quincy also offers an industry leading 10-year Royal Blue Warranty standard on every QGV sold standing by the quality of their products.

Quincy Variable speed compressors are essential to systems with fluctuating air demands as they allow for a greater reduction in power consumption as air demand declines. In plants where production varies, the QGV would be best suited to control a systems broad range of air demands accurately.  In turn, this particular compressed air system provides superior energy and cost saving benefits.

By simply changing how to produce and use compressed air more efficiently, either purchasing or upgrading to products such as a Quincy Variable Speed QGV the results can have a significant effect on your bottom line.



Alyson Taylor

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