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Breathing Air Purification

Why purify compressed air?

In recent years, employers have become increasingly aware of their responsibility to comply with International Breathing Air Standards. The standards define the quality of breathing air that must be provided to operators working in contaminated environments. Contaminants frequently present in compressed air that threatens the well-being of breathing air users are;

  • Fumes
  • Oil
  • Vapors
  • Gases
  • Solid particles
  • Micro-organisms

For compressed air to be suitable for breathing air applications, it must be properly purified to ensure that it meets the relevant Breathing Air Standard.

What type of purifier should be used?

With a wide variety of purification products available, ranging from a simple respirator offering basic protection against low levels of dust particles to self-contained breathing apparatus it is essential that the inhalation risks be fully assessed and a suitable purification product selected. Parker Domnick Hunter breathing air purifiers are designed to offer the user protection against some or all of the contaminants that may be present in a compressed air fed breathing air system. As the world leader in filtration and purification of compressed air, Parker Domnick hunter offers unrivaled experience in the design and manufacture of air treatment equipment. With Parker domnick hunter breathing air purifiers in constant use worldwide, protecting lives in virtually every type of industry and the commitment to continuous research and development, Parker domnick hunter provides a complete range of breathing air purifiers designed to match the specific needs inherent when breathing from a compressed air supply.

How do you know the quality of breathing air required?

Whatever the application, the quality of the compressed air used for breathing air applications is detailed in International Breathing Air Standards. The applicable standard for the country of use will not only detail the maximum allowable levels of contaminants but also give an indication of the selection criteria for protection devices. If doubt exists about the potential of a possible contaminant then steps must be taken to either monitor the air quality or install a suitable purification device to ensure compliance with the standard.

Where would you use a Parker domnick hunter breathing air purifier?

Many applications exist, ranging from the life threatening environments of fire fighting, hazardous shot blasting and paint spraying operations, to critical, medical and hospital air requirements.

Typical Applications

  • High pressure cylinder filling
  • Shotblasting
  • Tank cleaning
  • Tunneling
  • Pharmaceutical manufacturing
  • Spray painting
  • Medical and hospital air
  • Offshore/Marine
  • Asbestos removal

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