PLH – High Pressure Dryers

Purestream High Pressure Refrigerated Air Dryers

The Purestream PLH range of high pressure refrigerated compressed air dryers have been designed to provide a controlled, economical supply of dry air to the point of application. As an important source of energy within all industrial sectors, many processes depend on high quality compressed air to prevent costly downtime, machine damage and product spoilage. This new dryer design which is rated for higher pressures up to 725 psig features a highly efficient stainless steel brazed plate heat exchanger which has a direct effect on reducing energy consumption and pressure drop. The main advantages are low pressure drop even with load variances and a constant pressure Dew Point with differing load conditions.

The PLH range is supplied with a host of features which include a stainless steel heat exchanger, industry leading hot gas by-pass valve, electronic controller with dew point read out and no air loss Bekomat drains as standard. The PLH range is electrically approved for use across Canada and available in every voltage and can be used anywhere in the world.

The components of the PLH range from refrigerant to materials of construction have been selected with maximum respect for the environment and their ability to be recycled.

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