Chicago Pneumatic CPX Refrigerated Air Dryers

CPX Refrigerated Dryers 

  • Quick installation
  • Low maintenance
  • Advanced control

Atmospheric air, drawn into a compressor, always contains humidity. During the compression process, this humidity becomes condensate and may cause serious damage to your air distribution system and your equipment. Our CPX 10-3000 refrigerated dryers have been developed to solve the problem, they reliably remove condensate getting perfectly dry compressed air and a dewpoint of 38 °F.

Intelligent drain discharge & control. All of our CPX refrigerated dryers as standard are equipped with the capacitive condensate drain, using electronic sensors to save energy and discharge the only condensate without wasting any compressed air. The operation of each dryer is monitored by an electronic controller which shows all relevant information about the status of the dryer & dew point indication.


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