Chicago Pneumatic Variable Speed

Variable Speed Compressors

Chicago Pneumatic deliver high-quality variable speed drive rotary screw compressors in several versions and sizes. Choose between belt and gear driven to find the solution that works best for your compressed air requirements.

  • Highly energy efficient
  • High quality
  • Easy maintenance

CPVS 20-30

A complete and adaptable solution for your industrial compressed air demand. 

  • 20-30 Horsepower
  • Saving through efficient performance
  • Easy and fast access for service
  • Reliable technology and prolonged lifetime
  • Advanced control and monitoring


CPVSd 10-20 & 30-50

The smart, high efficient solution for your industrial needs. The CPVSd is our high-efficiency screw compressor range which set a new milestone in compressed air.

  • Cost energy reduction and sustainability
  • Simple installation
  • Easy and fast access for service
  • Customizable with wide range of options


CPVS 40-250

The Chicago Pneumatic CPVS range offers a wide choice of gear driven oil-injected screw compressors from 40 to 250 HP, with frequency inverter regulation. Powerful and efficient, with low energy consumption they will be ideal and the most cost-effective decision for your application.

  • Quality Components ensures reliable technology
  • Smooth regulation
  • Low energy and maintenance cost
  • Easy operation, always in control