The QSI Series is a rotary screw compressor that combines around-the-clock dependability with one of the most efficient airends in the industry. Oversized rotors, low RPM, and the patented Power$ync controller option, ensures maximum air production using minimal horsepower which equals bottom line productivity. While rated at 100 PSIG full load pressure as standard, the QSI series can also be operated at 110 PSIG without increasing the motor size. Oversized coolers allow continuous operation in ambient temperatures up to 115 degrees F. The QSI is an extremely versatile package that can be specially modified to meet almost any individual requirement.

Royal Blue Warranty

Quincy’s premium QSI product line includes 50-350 hp premium industrial screw compressors regarded as among the most reliable direct drive models you’ll find anywhere. The QSI is available with Power$ync, a revolutionary variable capacity control system that enables the compressor to function as a base-load machine as well as a part-load machine. The 130-thousand-hour design ensures efficient, long-lasting performance.

  • 50-350 hp
  • 220-1500 acfm, 100-150 psigQSI-245-500i-BlackController-Web
  • Expandable PLC Control
  • Ease-of-maintenance design
  • Industrial-grade enclosure
  • 10-Year Royal Blue Warranty

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