Quincy Oil Free Compressors

QOF: Oil-Free Scroll Compressors

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QOF 2-30 hp Oil-Free Scroll Compressors

Class Zero represents the best air quality possible. In critical environments, it is essential that the compressed air is 100% oil-free. Contamination by even the smallest quantities of oil can cause costly production down time and product spoilage, resulting in product recalls and loss of reputation. The new Quincy QOF 2-30 oil-free scroll compressors meet the Class Zero standard and also provide top class performance, premium efficiency, and quality. Outstanding reliability, low maintenance, and operating costs make oil-free compressors a sound investment.

At a Glance

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  • Gauge control 2-7.5 HP
  • Microprocessor control 10-30 HP
  • Low sound enclosure
  • Ease of serviceability
  • Sound level as low as 53 dBA
  • 1-Year Standard Warranty

Up Close

  • 4-86.5 cfm
  • 116-145 psig
  • High efficiency IE3 motors
  • Optional integrated dryer
  • ISO 8573-1 Class Zero Certified

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