"With NCA's help, we completed a retrofit project that included removing an oversized compressor and an older dryer and filters and replacing them with a new 30hp variable speed compressor and a smaller cycling dryer and filters.   The incentive amount exceeded what we thought it was going to be so it was an easy project to complete.  Thanks to the staff at NCA for orchestrating this project with us."
Dan Corriveau - Jamesway Incubator

NCA Ltd. has taken the guesswork out of our compressed air system. From their no pressure, knowledgeable staff, to their prompt and affordable parts and service team, we couldn't have asked for a better partner to ensure our compressed air system stays up and running, and at its peak efficiency. I wouldn't hesitate in recommending NCA Ltd. to anyone who doesn't just want a service provider but also wants a partner.

Nateram Babulal - NuStef Foods

We are pleased with the timely service and update provided by NCA along with suggestion energy savings. For us, the most important thing is the ability of your techs to troubleshoot a problem and provide solutions which we are getting from NCA.

Sandeep Bhatt - Hendrickson

“Excellent service, I have been very satisfied with all the people at NCA that help keep this plants air systems going. Thank you very much for all your efforts.”

Rick Hureau - Dana

“The guys that have come here to service our compressor are priceless they do an awesome job and it isn't a tight place where they cannot easily work on but I have never been disappointed and I've never had one of our biggest Investments looked after better thank you for your service.”

Derek Littleton - OWS Railcar

"We have always been pleased with the knowledge level, the ease to work with and professionalism of the NCA Tech's that work on our equipment."

David Dunn - The Original Cakerie